July 8-12, 2019
Stanford Faculty Club

Zephyr Philosophy Camp 2019: Introduction to Philosophy of Religion

A summer philosophy camp for high school students with Dr. Molly Oshatz

Time & Location

July 8-12, 2019
Stanford Faculty Club
439 Lagunita Dr, Stanford, CA 94305, USA


Perhaps because we often think of religious belief as being personal, we tend to avoid rigorous discussion of religious claims. This summer, we tackled the hard questions posed by religion: Does God exist? If so, what could we know about God? How could a good and all-powerful God permit evil? Can reason alone lead us to God? We read authors from various traditions and perspectives, including Aquinas, Maimonides, C.S. Lewis, and David Hume. As always, we also explored the Stanford Campus on field trips that deepened our discussions.




Senior Fellow & Director of High School Programs, Center for the Study of First Principles

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