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The Young Alumni Council is an invitational collective of recent Stanford alumni who were involved with the Zephyr Institute and exemplify Zephyr’s commitment to liberal learning and intellectual friendship. 

The work of the council focuses on two pillars: mentorship and ideas.

Read the letter from the chair

Young Alumni Council, 2020-21

Sarah Thomas ’19 · Chair

B.A. Philosophy and Religious Studies, Stanford University, 2019

Studies in theology and intellectual history, University of Oxford, Trinity 2018

Research Masters Candidate (Metaphysics), Institute of Philosophy, KU Leuven, 2020–

Leuven, BE

Antonio Aguilar ’18

B.S. Symbolic Systems, Stanford University, 2018

San Francisco, CA

Elise Kostial ’18

B.A. Political Science, Stanford University, 2018

Studies in comparative politics, University of Oxford, Trinity 2017

J.D. Candidate, Yale Law School, 2019–

New Haven, CT

Hormazd Godrej ’19 G’20

B.S. Biology (Computational track), Stanford University, 2019

M.S. Statistics, Stanford University, 2020

Palo Alto, CA

Emily King ’19

B.A. English, Stanford University, 2019

Studies in literature and philosophy, University of Oxford, Hilary & Trinity 2017

M.Div Candidate, University of Chicago Divinity School, 2020–

Chicago, IL

Myriam Yao ’19

B.A. Political Science, Stanford University, 2019

Palo Alto, CA

Joel Dominic ’20 G’20

B.A. Philosophy, B.A. Mathematics, Stanford University, 2020

M.S. Computer Science, Stanford University, 2020

Austin, TX

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