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Letter from the Chair

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We are excited to introduce Zephyr’s inaugural Young Alumni Council—an invitational collective of recent Stanford alumni who have participated in Zephyr activities and exemplify Zephyr’s commitment to liberal learning and intellectual friendship. These alumni impressed us over the years with their thoughtfulness and generosity of spirit.

The members of the alumni council all share a love for texts and ideas. Most participated in Stanford’s Structured Liberal Education program as freshmen, where they studied great works of art, literature, philosophy, and theology. All have been involved with Zephyr’s Center for the Study of First Principles, whether as student fellows, speakers, or regular attendees. Together, we have explored beauty, political theory, poetry and spiritual ascent, religion and world order, the philosophy of history, and the nature of the good life.

Council members can attest to the impact communities of ideas have in one’s formative years. A university education isn’t simply about reading texts; it’s about sharing them, working through what it means to be a person who both strives to understand the structure and meaning of Being as an individual, and participates in a community dedicated to that same goal.

The work of the council focuses on two pillars: mentorship and ideas. We look forward to working together to further Zephyr’s mission and commitment to intellectual friendship.

Sarah Thomas ’19

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