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The Zephyr Institute Welcomes Landon Hobbs

July 1, 2023

The Zephyr Institute is pleased to announce that Landon Mark Hobbs has been named the Institute’s new Research Fellow and Director of Academic Programs. Landon will shape the Institute’s intellectual offerings and continue his scholarly work in ancient philosophy. He recently defended his dissertation, A Neglected Causal Principle of Aristotle, at Stanford University, thus completing the requirements for his PhD. His research focuses on ancient Greek philosophy, especially the theoretical philosophy of Aristotle.

Landon will host programming for faculty and university students, and collaborate with local academics in his field. He has led popular seminars for Zephyr since shortly after his arrival at Stanford in 2015, and has been a regular contributor to the Institute’s intellectual life and offerings since then.


Landon succeeds Zephyr’s previous Director of Academic Programming, Nathan Pinkoski, who recently accepted a position as Visiting Faculty Fellow at the newly formed Hamilton Center at the University of Florida. Nathan's wife, Molly, previously a Graduate Fellow at the Zephyr Institute, has accepted a position as lecturer at the Hamilton Center. We wish Nathan and Molly much success in their new posts.

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