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The Zephyr Institute Welcomes Nathan and Molly Pinkoski

June 2021

The Institute takes great pleasure in announcing that Nathan Pinkoski has been named Research Fellow and Director of Academic Programs. Pinkoski will shape the Institute’s intellectual offerings and continue his scholarly work in political philosophy, where his research covers 20th century political thought, early modern political thought, and classical political thought.

Pinkoski joins the institute from the University of Toronto, where he held an Étienne Gilson Postdoctoral Research Fellowship. He served as Lecturer in Politics at Princeton University and as a postdoctoral fellow at Princeton’s James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions. He received his MPhil and DPhil in Politics from the University of Oxford, and his BA (Hon) from the University of Alberta.

Pinkoski has published in a variety of academic and popular journals, including Catholic Social Science Review, First Things, Interpretation: A Journal of Political Philosophy, Law and Liberty, Perspectives on Political Science, The Political Science Reviewer, and The Review of Politics. He recently co-edited Augustine in a Time of Crisis (Palgrave-MacMillan Press, 2021).

Pinkoski will host programming for faculty and university students, as well as offer support the work of our partners at the Stanford Civics Initiative.

The Institute also takes great pleasure in introducing our newest Graduate Fellow, Molly Gurdon Pinkoski. Gurdon Pinkoski is a fifth year Ph.D. candidate in philosophy at Columbia University. Her work focuses on ethics and metaethics, with interests in ancient philosophy, action theory, and moral psychology. Her dissertation interrogates and defends the concept of absolute moral prohibitions, from a broadly Aristotelian standpoint.

Gurdon Pinkoski will advise Zephyr’s programming in moral philosophy as she continues her graduate work. She will host scholarly events and seminars, including the Institute’s Flourishing Society Dinners and Zephyr Salons, and help students who seek to integrate perennial wisdom with their own careers and life choices.

Lastly we are very pleased to announce that the Pinkoskis, who are married to each other, are expecting their first child in December 2021.

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