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Member · Palo Alto, CA

Hormazd Godrej ’19 G’20 is a recent graduate from Stanford's M.S. program in Statistics. He holds a B.S. in Biology, with a specialization in Computational Biology, from Stanford University. Hormazd developed an interest in philosophical and literary texts as a student in Stanford’s Structured Liberal Education (SLE) program during his freshman year. He has done research at the Rosenberg Lab at Stanford in population genetics, on which he wrote his undergraduate honors thesis. While an undergraduate, he studied abroad for a quarter in Florence, attended an overseas seminar on Israeli politics in Jerusalem, and participated in the Stanford in Washington program, during which he did research on biosecurity at the Nuclear Threat Initiative. He also served as a writing tutor for SLE and as an RA in FroSoCo. Hormazd has a keen interest in artificial intelligence, from both a technical and philosophical standpoint. He enjoys reading about and discussing religion, American politics, and the Effective Altruism movement.

Most life-altering primary text read during university: Mill, On Liberty

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